KBS Tour-V Wedge

Shop our KBS Tour-V Iron Shafts!

  • Tight shot dispersion
  • Pin seeking accuracy from wedge distance
  • KBS shaft advanced technology

The KBS Tour-V Wedge compliments the KBS line and is a lightweight low spinning shaft made for tight dispersion and show distance accuracy and is exclusively for wedges to produce shots with a lower-mid trajectory and mid ball spin.

The look is clean cut, a plain chrome shaft with steps and a simple shaft band. If you’re looking to hit your lob wedges and your sand better with full swing shots, this is what you should purchase. If you get this shaft fit properly it’ll sure to help you hit your wedges closer and in turn give you more chances at birdies.

For pricing and more information about the KBS Tour-V Wedge shaft, contact us by visiting our contact page.