kbs hybrid prototype

KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid Prototype

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KBS Golf shafts have been found in the irons of Tour Professionals all over the world. Kim Braly’s first go around with graphite shafts – the KBS Tour Hybrid Prototype shaft offers the KBS signature feel, but is now in a graphite shaft model.

The KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid Prototype offers both performance and stability throughout the entire make of the shaft allowing the player to hit more consistent shots for hybrid clubs.

“KBS is proud to introduce its first Tour Graphite Shaft model that will finally be able link your KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid Prototype Shafts with your KBS Iron and KBS Wedge Shafts to create the ultimate in performance fit throughout your bag.”

– Kim Braly

KBS $-Taper Iron Shafts

KBS $-Taper Iron Shafts

Shop our KBS $-Taper Iron Shafts!
Finally you have, Tour Feel and Money Performance.

This shaft has already been adopted on Tour by some of the games biggest names and will continue to grow as the performance and word spreads throughout Golf.

Head of research and development and the brain behind the best steel shafts in golf, longtime KBS designer Kim Braly wanted the KBS Tour $-Taper to provide superior feel while maintaining shot work-ability for players seeking a mid-launch and low spin shaft. The KBS Tour $-Taper shares the same bend profile as the KBS TOUR with elongated step patterns for spin, generating a stable performance throughout the swing.

KBS is proud to offer the KBS Tour $-Taper in 2 finishes: Black PVD and Classic KBS Chrome, KBS Tour $-Taper will come in the following Flex and Weights, R 110g, R+ 115g, S 120g, S+ 125g and X 130g. And Innovated for the KBS Tour $-Taper is our first ever 360° cured decal for a one of a kind look on your equipment.

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