KBS Shafts

KBS Shafts are one of the hottest shafts on PGA Tours in the USA and around the world. Players switching to KBS shafts have discovered increased accuracy and more distance.

Created by renowned shaft designer Kim Braly and forged from Tour player feedback, the KBS shafts Series features the most advanced steel shaft technology in the industry. Since its inception in 2008, KBS has set a new standard in steel shafts with its unprecedented growth and acclaim. KBS shafts are utilized in leading club manufacturer’s irons, accepted in every manufacturer’s custom department and adopted by over 150 professionals. At KBS shafts, they’re focused on maximizing the performance of your irons by providing the most technologically advanced steel golf shafts. Learn why we are the fastest growing steel shaft brand in the industry.

Precision manufacturing is essential for producing the high-performance KBS TOUR Series. KBS shafts designs incorporate several notable characteristics, such as material weight distribution, advanced taper patterns, section balance and other tolerance controls. At FST, manufacturing is specifically tailored for the KBS TOUR Series and incorporates over 25 carefully monitored steps during production.

See why KBS shafts are starting to make more waves on tour. Shop our collection below!