• KBS C-Taper

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KBS C-Taper Shaft

  • Low Spin
  • Low Launch
  • Signature KBS Shaft Feel

The KBS C-TAPER shaft produces a lower flight and spin rate while maintaining the benefits of a piercing trajectory and smooth feel, tour inspired performance from one of the best selling KBS Shafts on the market. The KBS C-Taper golf shaft featured signature KBS technology and this C-Taper KBS shaft maximizes energy transfer to improve distance and ball control. Testing done in the KBS Shaft labs produced 5% lower trajectory, 5% less spin and 5% more distance combining to make the KBS C-Taper Shaft a force on Pro tours around the world.

Here’s what Golf WRX had to say about the KBS C-Taper Shaft:

The KBS C-Taper Shaft is very quiet in the feel department…meaning they are soo smooth that I really wasn’t sure I was loading the shaft this was quite a contast to the PX which has quite a ‘pop’ to them and the DG’s which you really feel the action of the shaft all the way thru the shaft. While the C-tapers are, what I would call as ‘Refined’ as it gets…the load seems to be transfers through out the shaft almost without notice…which initially I found this alarming but soon understood what was happening as the results were there.

The KBS C-Taper shaft is definitely more workable(or rather feel more) than PX, but DG still is the king on the feel dept. when it comes to working the ball but not necessary the results. I found the actual workable part of the KBS C-taper shaft could come close to hanging with DG’s even thou they didn’t necessary feel like they were..make sense? But I would say they are a great bridge between PX and DG in this category.

The I would also say KBS statement is likely true again with the 5% gain in distance, this was more evident in the mid and long irons to me..I will also throw this into the distance segment…I choose the S+ set of C-tapers, imo they feel very close to flex of my PX 6.5′s Satins, however I think the X flex’s would be a better comparison in straight terms of the px.6.5 for distance, as the added spin which allows the the shafts to Be Workable also spins just a bit more and coupled with a 1/2 flex under what I should be playing makes them play just a tad shorter than what I have be accustomed to…I look forward to picking up a set of X flex’s in the very near future as KBS C-tapers have all the things I have been looking for in irons shafts.

More Info on This KBS Shaft

If you’d like more information about the KBS C-Taper golf shaft or would like to purchase one, visit The Peoples Clubs online golf store.

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