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KBS TOUR Graphite Hybrid Prototype

  • Precise Shotmaking
  • Stability
  • High performance Hybrid shaft

The KBS Hybrid shaft is designed, perhaps not surprisingly, specifically for players who use Hybrids. This KBS Shaft offers mid to high trajectory, spin control and tight shot dispersion giving you unparalled accuracy with your hybrid from long range distances. With weight categories ranging from 100g to 110g, the KBS Hybrid shaft is ideal for golfers seeking a lightweight steel shaft that can provide maximum distance with their hybrid club.

Golf Shaft Reviews reviewed the KBS Hybrid shaft and here’s what they had to say:

The KBS Hybrid shaft is what can now be though of as a first generation Femco Steel / Kim Braly design. It was the first stepless design produced by the partnership. Compared to later designs, it is softer. It is a great companion to lighter weight steel, like the KBS Tour 90. It has the same bend profile as all the KBS products, a consistent, stable change of stiffness from point to point down the entire length of the shaft.

The torque ranges from 2.3 in the R flex to 2.1 in the X flex. A very low number, found in very few graphite shafts. I have fit this shaft into the hybrids of some strong players. They gained control unlike anything they had ever experienced in their hybrids.

In a discussion at the 2011 PGA Merchandise show with Kim Braly about Hybrid shafts for strong players he suggested the C Taper 2 iron shaft. A look at the EI and GJ profiles showed it to be a stiffer version of the KBS Hybrid. The torque numbers of steel are naturally low, and the KBS Tour C Taper torque ranges from 2.1 in the R flex to 1.6 in the X flex. Radial quality is excellent allowing the shaft to be installed in any orientation.

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If you’d like more information about the KBS TOUR Graphite Hybrid Prototypes or would like to purchase one, visit The Peoples Clubs online golf store.

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