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KBS Tour-V Wedge Shaft

The KBS Tour-V Wedge shaft is designed exclusively for wedges to produce shots with a lower-mid trajectory and mid ball spin – characteristics necessary to start knocking down the pins with your wedges. As with all KBS shafts, thre KBS Tour-V Wedge shaft has been tested and proven on Tour. The KBS TOUR-V WEDGE golf shaft creates a piercing ball flight with incredibly tight shot dispersion. and comes in a single flex (125g), the KBS Tour-V Wedge shaft is available from KBSSHAFT.COM

The KBS Tour-V shaft is a lightweight low spinning shaft that serious players and PGA tour pro’s think is just awesome!  One silky smooth cat named Phil Mickelson used the KBS Tour-V wedge shaft to win The Open and he’s not the only to win with the KBS Tour-V wedge shaft.

The KBS Tour-V wedge shaft compliments the KBS line perfectly: it is lighter weight than the original KBS Tour shaft, and it also imparts less spin. Generally, if a light steel iron shaft has one weakness, it’s that it may have a tendency to go a bit higher but not so the Tour-V Wedge. If you get this shaft fit properly it’ll sure to help you hit your wedges closer and in turn give you more chances at birdies.

For pricing and more information about the KBS Tour-V Wedge shaft, contact the KBS shaft experts by visiting our contact page.

  • Tight shot dispersion
  • Pin seeking accuracy from wedge distance
  • KBS shaft advanced technology

More Info on this KBS Shaft

If you’d like more information about the KBS Tour-V wedge golf shafts or would like to purchase one, visit The Peoples Clubs online golf store.

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