• KBS Wedge Shaft

    KBS Shafts. The Ultimate Wedge Shaft in Golf.

KBS Tour Matte Black Wedge Shaft

  • Short distance precision
  • Dial in your wedges
  • Pin seeking accuracy from 100 yards and in

The KBS Wedge shaft has been specifically developed for golfers seeking a similar feel to the KBS Tour shaft in a wedge option. The KBS Wedge shaft is the optimal shaft for proximity shots closer to the green where you need to hit it close to shoot the lowest scores possible. The firmer tip section on the KBS Wedge shaft allows for less ball spin and increased control.

Some golfers wonder how much difference a shaft in a wedge can actually make.  We invite you to try the KBS Wedge shaft and find our for yourself.  Whilst it’s true that with anything less than a full swing, and that fact that most players swing their wedges with less speed and force than regular irons, the KBS Wedge shaft can still produce surprising results.  Wedge shafts on clubs bough off the shelf can often hit the ball very high, more height with wedges is not something that’s desired by most players, especially in high winds.

The KBS Wedge shaft takes this into consideration and as with all KBS shafts, the KBS wedge shaft has been tested and outperforms other wedge shafts on the market.  See for yourself what the KBS wedge shaft can do for your wedge game.

More Info on this KBS Shaft

If you’d like more information about the KBS Tour Matte Black Wedge Shafts or would like to purchase one, visit The Peoples Clubs online golf store.

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