KBS Shaft C-Taper Wins Scottish Open

KBS C-TAPER shafts Wins Scottish Open

BOULDER, Colo. (July 14, 2014) – KBS C-TAPER shafts won the European Tour’s Scottish Open this past weekend. This marks the second year in a row that KBS C-TAPER shafts won the tournament. With an exciting two victories in 2014, this player trusts the KBS C-TAPER shafts.

“Since 2011, this player has trusted the KBS C-TAPER shafts and now has five professional victories during the span,” said Rob Cheng, CEO of KBS Golf Shafts. “This recent victory moves him to No.3 on the Official World Golf Ranking.”

As we head into this week’s Open Championship, KBS is now looking to three-peat after winning it in 2012 and 2013.

For more information on the KBS C-TAPER shafts and this victory, please visit www.KBSGolfShafts.com. or to buy KBS C-TAPER shafts, visit www.tourspingolf.com

For a review of KBS C-Taper shafts, we recommend you visit plugged in golf, who have this to say:

“I had actually played KBS C-Tapers in my irons for quite awhile because I loved the feedback the shaft gave me on every shot in addition to its low spin and ball flight.  The C-Taper was a great shaft, but frankly, I just don’t think I had the game to match it, and we went our separate ways.  When I found we had a set of C-Taper 90′s coming in, I took a look at the specs of the shaft and got really excited about them because they seemed like a better fit based on my previous experience with the original C-Taper.

The original C-Taper shaft felt a little stout for me, but the C-Taper 90 has a little softer feel.  It has some similarities to the KBS Tour 90, but with the consistency of the C-Taper.  Being a lighter weight shaft, the C-Taper 90 felt easier to swing and like a lot less of a “battle” than the original C-Tapers were for me.  I found myself with a little bit more of that “just swing the club” feeling when I was using the C-Taper 90 shaft.”

For the whole review, click here these guys at Plugged in Golf know their shafts!